An Overview of Greenhouse Gases

Are you familiar with emissions inventory students writing? A greenhouse gas is a gas that can absorb and emit radiations within the thermal infrared range. With time, greenhouse gases have increased the level of global warming, and it is believed that they would cause a lot more problems for not only animals and plants but also for human populations. According to brandname, human activities such as industrial revolution have contributed to the problem to an extent.

Greenhouse gases are capable of trapping heat in the air and allow the sun rays to reach the Earth directly, causing cancer and other severe complications in human beings.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

In this Emissions Inventory essay, we’d like to talk about carbon dioxide. This gas becomes a part of the air when oil, coal, and gas are burnt in excess. It can cause severe chemical reactions and contributes to global warming. Carbon dioxide should be removed by decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Methane (CH4)

Methane is another greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. You should also be familiar with greenhouse gas emissions inventory. Methane becomes a part of the atmosphere when the smoke is emitted from vehicles and factories. The problem of methane emission is very serious, and it results from poor agricultural practices and livestock.

Nitrous oxide (N2O)

Just like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide is added to the aid through poor industrial and agricultural activities, and its quantity keeps increasing almost daily. Thus, there is a strong need to reduce these pollutants in the air in order to ensure the survival of human beings, animals and plants. Governments should also check and balance poor industrial activities.