What are the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Resume Writing Service

The job market is getting increasingly competitive, and employers appear to be asking for more from potential employees. As a job applicant, one is expected to stand out and to present a side of themselves that is unique. The industry requirements also keep on changing, which makes it more difficult for applications. So, for job applicants, having a cover letter and a resume that screams perfection has become mandatory. Writing a cover letter and a resume can seem normal, but many people find themselves sweating and writing numerous drafts before eventually settling on one. Others, however, find the tasks too demanding and stressful and thus consider the use of resume writing services. These services have been in business for years, and many have perfected the art of producing killer resumes which earn their clients interviews and increase their probability of getting their dream jobs. However, is hiring a resume writing service the best route to getting a job? Are there factors that should deter someone from hiring these services? Well, this article presents some interesting pros and cons of resume writing service agencies like ResumeThatWorks.com:


Great quality

Expect great quality writing every time you request a resume from resume writing services. The majority of these agencies have been in business for a long time and have perfected the art of writing resumes. So, when you place an order with them, expect high-quality writing. At interviews, everything one does is taken to mean who one will be as an employee. So, when one delivers a high-quality resume, they increase their chances of being considered for the open position. This is a great advantage that resume writing services offer potential employees.

Up-to-date resumes

While employed, it is often difficult to keep up with hiring practices and trends. So, it will take a lot of time and research to write a resume for work. However, having been in business for years, the writing agencies know what is needed and are in touch with the hiring trends. So, when one places an order with them, they are guaranteed to get a great-quality resume which captures and fits within the hiring trends of the day or season.

Increase one’s chances of getting a job

Writing a resume does seem like an easy task and one that should not be considered when evaluating candidates. However, in today’s job market, employers are looking for people who can multitask or expand their job description. A great resume may thus send the message that a person is indeed ready to expand their job description.



The cost of having your resume written varies but could be as high as $200. For a person who is looking for a job, this is a lot of money that may not be readily available. These agencies will, of course, lure you with phrases like cheap resume writing services. However, everything they do for you will cost money which you may not be able to afford given your current situation of joblessness. So, it is essential to weigh one’s options before deciding to have your resume written.

Lack of a Personalized Look

A majority of these companies will ask you to provide your details, especially when it comes to writing your cover letter. However, even though this happens, there is a likelihood that your cover letter will lack a personal touch. Additionally, matching your writing style is also difficult, and this can easily give you away.

In conclusion, it is upon you to decide whether you want to hire a resume writing agency. Our intention is to help make your decision easier. We hope we have done that. Weigh the pros and cons and make an informed choice.